Standing Out in a Job Interview

Once you reach the interview process of job applications, chances are you’re up against several people with similar experience and education to you. So, what can you do

How To: Turn Down a Job

Receiving a job offer is exciting, but juggling multiple offers and trying to decide which option would be the best for you to take can be a stressful experience. While

Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job

While you are encouraged to ask questions in your job interview, there are some that should wait until you are offered the job. Before you accept, take some time to

Video Interview Tips

To help make the interview process a little faster and smoother, more and more employers are conducting video interviews. This allows them schedule interviews faster and

The Salary Question

You’re sitting in a job interview and everything is going great. Then, the dreaded question is asked ‘what are your salary requirements for this position?' It’s easy to

Tips for a Job Interview

You’ve finally landed that coveted interview. Now what? Whether you’re a teenager looking for a first job or an experienced professional, it can be a nerve wracking

What NOT to Ask in an Interview

After sending out dozens of resumes, you’ve finally landed that coveted interview. You know the job description inside & out, have the perfect outfit, and a great