How Should I Use My Bonus Cash?

Whether it’s a bonus from work, a gift, or even finding a $10 bill on the ground, unexpected money is always a pleasant surprise. So, how should you use that extra cash?

How Much Should I Be Saving?

You’re in good company if you’ve ever looked at your savings account and wondered: Am I where I need to be financially? What if there's an emergency or I lose my job?

Breaking Bad Money Habits

Everyone has bad habits, some of which we may not even been aware. It’s no different when it comes to your finances. There are small, everyday decisions you could be

What Impacts a CD's Rate?

A Certificate of Deposit, or a CD, usually offers a higher interest rate than a traditional savings. However, there are several internal and external factors that may

Saving Beyond Emergencies

Once you’ve built a robust emergency savings, usually recommended to be enough money to cover six months to a years’ worth of expenses, you should still try and make

Are You Using the Right Savings?

While building your savings is important, where and how you build them may be even more important. Here are some questions to ask yourself to make sure you are using the

Be a Better Saver

Saving can be one the hardest financial habits to start. However, there are steps that you can take to help improve this skill. Here are some tips on how you can start

Small Changes for Big Savings

Making changes in your savings habits doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul of your finances. Here are some small changes you can make everyday that will help make some

Emergency Fund vs. Rainy Day Fund

You may have heard the terms ‘emergency savings’ and ‘rainy day funds’ and think they’re interchangeable terms when it comes to your finances. However, there is a