Video Interview Tips

By Avery Mills | Sep 11, 2018 6:15:00 AM

Video Interview TipsTo help make the interview process a little faster and smoother, more and more employers are conducting video interviews. This allows them schedule interviews faster and narrow down their applicant pool prior to in-person interviews. Here are some of the steps that you should take to help prepare yourself for a video interview.


Treat video interviews the same as in an in-person interview. Dress as if it you were going into to meet your potential employers. Keep any jewelry to a minimum as it may catch the light and be distracting to your interviewer. Make eye contact with your camera and try to avoid watching yourself on the screen. Don’t have distracting elements in the video frame, such as posters, windows, pets, and other people. Choose a location with a professional background that is well lit and fairly quiet.


Make sure your laptop/tablet is fully charged and ready to go so it doesn’t die in the middle of your interview. Before your interview begins, test that all aspects of your device are working, such as the audio and video. If the internet at your home is not reliable, try and find a quiet location where it is.


Just like with an in-person interview, it’s probably a good idea to run through a few practice interviews. Look for a list of commonly asked questions in video interviews and practice with a friend. You can even practice over video in the space where you’re doing for your interview and have your friend make a note of the pros and cons of your interviewing style.

Remember that every video interview may be different, so read through the instructions before beginning your interview because you may not get the chance to go back once you get started. 

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Author: Avery Mills