Financial Planning In Your 40's

As you reach your 40's, your life will continue to change. This is also the time when most people begin to enter their peak earning years. Take a look at some of things

Getting Back on Track

If you spent a little more than you planned this summer, don’t worry. It’s not too late to get your budget back on track. Check out some of the steps you can take to

Financially Preparing Your Teenager

Those high school years may feel like forever to your teenager, but they’ll be getting ready to leave the nest and set out on their next adventure before you know

Football & Finances

Football season kicks off tomorrow and people all over the country are preparing to cheer their team on to victory. No matter what happened last season, every team

Mid-Year Financial Checkup

You go to the doctor for a checkup. You take your car into the mechanic for an inspection. You take your pets to the vet for an appointment. You even take your

Planning for First Time Parents

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! While you’ve probably already started planning for the crib, clothes, and toys there are a few more (less fun, but

How To: File a Tax Extension

You had the best intentions of filing your taxes early, but maybe you weren’t able to locate the correct forms, perhaps there was an unexpected life event, or you

Teaching Financial Responsibility to Children

April is National Credit Union Youth Month, making it a great time to help your children get started down a smart financial path. Here are some steps that you can take