What is a Short & Sweet Mortgage?

This summer, we have highlighted some of our mortgage products. So far, we have learned more about our FHA Loans, USDA Loans, and our Construction & Lot Loans. In

Dos and Don’ts of Backyard Improvement

For many people, summer is the time of year when backyard maintenance is a top priority. Especially so when they are getting ready to put their home on the market.

What are USDA Loans?

With summer being the most popular time to buy a new home, we wanted to highlight some of our mortgage products. A couple of weeks ago, we talked about FHA loans. You

Debt & Mortgages

A home is a major financial undertaking. Not only do you have to make your monthly payments, but there's things like home repairs, insurance, potential HOA fees, and

How Much Mortgage Can You Afford?

You’ve decided to take the leap into home ownership. It’s a big step and you may not even be sure where to start. While it may be tempting to start looking at homes

What is a Mortgage Appraisal?


Explaining a Mortgage Agreement

There are several documents included in the mortgage application process. In this post, we'll take a closer look at one of them: the mortgage agreement.

What Are FHA Loans?

Cyprus Credit Union offers a wide range of mortgage options to assist our members in buying a home. Our programs cover every option from the first time buyer to a

Make Moving Easier

Moving can be a difficult experience. Not only are you physically moving your entire life, but you're also leaving friends and the place where you’ve made so many

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