What Is a Federal Credit Union?

Though we are often referred to simply as Cyprus Credit Union, the full name of our financial institution is Cyprus Federal Credit Union. Not all credit unions are

What is the Fed?

If you’ve ever opened up a savings account, taken out a loan on a car, or cashed a check, you’ve had personal experience with the banking system. All credit unions,

Finding Your Hidden Money

Did you know the state you live in may be hanging onto some of your cash for you? What’s more, you may even be able get it back. Here’s how you can find out if you have

What are the FDIC and NCUA?

Regardless of the type of financial institution you join, you may have heard the phrase ‘insured by the FDIC’ or ‘insured by the NCUA’ but what do these actually mean?

International Credit Union Day

Since 1948, International Credit Union Day has been celebrated annually on the third Thursday of October. Each year, the international event affords the opportunity to