Living Your Best Financial Life – End of Year Wrap-Up

By Avery Mills | Dec 3, 2018 7:58:00 AM

Living Your Best Financial Life – End of Year Wrap-Up

Throughout the year, we’ve been providing the financial steps that should be taken during each life stage to ensure that you are living your best financial life. Here is a quick wrap-up of the year. Click on the month to read more.


  • Add baby to insurance
  • Adjust beneficiaries
  • Open a college account
  • Childcare planning


  • Set goals
  • Earning money
  • Open a savings account


MARCH (Young Teen)

  • Open checking account
  • Start saving
  • Have a budget

APRIL (Older Teen)

  • Start building credit
  • Be responsible
  • Cover own expenses

MAY (College Aged)

  • Apply for aid
  • Student discounts
  • Always budget
  • Limit access

JUNE (Young Adult)

  • Build emergency savings
  • Use credit
  • Start retirement planning

JULY (Young Adult Married)

  • Wedding planning
  • Have conversations
  • Budgeting
  • Start saving

AUGUST (Married with Kids)

  • Keep budgeting
  • Update information
  • Save for the future

SEPTEMBER (Married with Teens)

  • Start building credit
  • Be responsible
  • Start budgeting
  • Make mistakes

OCTOBER (Empty Nesters)

  • Set expectations
  • Check retirement
  • Adjust insurance
  • Time to downsize?

NOVEMBER (Retirement)

  • Watch contributions
  • Start paying down debt
  • Create budget
  • Plan Medicare

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Author: Avery Mills