Blog Rewind - Kids & Finances

By Cyprus Credit Union | Aug 2, 2021 8:04:00 AM

Talking with kids about money doesn’t have to be complicated. Over the past few years, we’ve published several blog posts about kids and finances. Check them out by clicking on any of the headings below.

Married with Kids

As your family begins to expand, so does your budget and needs. Here are just some of the adjustments and changes that you will need to make for your finances once you begin having a family.

Activities to Teach Kids About Money

Teaching your kids about money doesn’t have to be boring. Here are some different activities, that can be catered to your child’s age and skillset, that can help them understand basic concepts of money.

Tips for Money Talks with Kids

A great way to start teaching your children about the importance of money is having open, honest conversations. However, there can be some topics that are a bit tougher to approach than others. Here are some tips for money talks with kids.

Teach Kids to Save Money

One of the most important aspects of anybody’s finances is saving, which can be difficult (even for adults). Starting now will help your child build a foundation for their financial future.

Teaching Kids About Money by Age

It’s important to teach your kids about the concept of money, but you may be wondering: When is the best time to introduce certain topics? Here is a list of basic financial subjects and which age groups you can introduce them to.

Teaching Financial Responsibility to Children

Help your children get started down a smart financial path. Here are some steps you can take to teach your child the significance of making sound financial decisions, no matter their age.

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