Activities to Teach Kids About Money

By Avery Mills | Aug 20, 2020 8:03:00 AM

Activities to Teach Kids About MoneyTeaching your kids about money doesn’t have to be boring. Here are some different activities, that can be catered to your child’s age and skillset, that can help them understand basic concepts of money.


Playing make believe games that involve exchanging cash for goods & services, such as a grocery store, is a great way to teach toddler aged children about the role money plays. This idea will be reinforced when they see you mimicking this behavior in the ‘real world’ every time you take them out shopping.


Once your kids get older and can start playing board games, there are several options that revolve around earning and spending. This includes Monopoly, Game of Life, Moneywise Kids, Pay Day, and more.



There are many online resources available that have videos that teach about different facets of money for your kids. You can search for content that is applicable to your child's age and current grasp of financial topics. YouTube is a great place to start and many of these content creators may have additional resources that you can use.


If your child has access to a tablet or computer, install some educational games that focus on money or math to help drive financial topics home. They may not even realize they're learning while they play.

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Author: Avery Mills