Mortgage Down Payments

A down payment is the initial payment that you make when purchasing a home. The money is applied entirely to your equity in the home. This in turn lowers the amount you

Know Your Loan Lingo: Amortization

Knowing your lingo will help you stay well-informed while going through the loan process. One term you might hear is amortization. Let’s take a minute to break down this

Blog Rewind – Buying a Home

Summer home buying time is in full swing and you may be wondering where to start on your home buying journey. Here are some blog posts all about buying a home.

What to Expect on Closing Day

It’s finally here! Your offer has been accepted, the home appraisals have been completed, and you’re almost ready to get your keys. All that’s left is closing day.

What is a Short & Sweet Mortgage?

This summer, we have highlighted some of our mortgage products. So far, we have learned more about our FHA Loans, USDA Loans, and our Construction & Lot Loans. In

Make Moving Easier

Moving can be a difficult experience. Not only are you physically moving your entire life, but you're also leaving friends and the place where you’ve made so many