Preparing to Apply for a Mortgage

By Avery Mills | Apr 25, 2017 8:08:24 AM

Preparing to Apply for a MortgageYou’ve decided you’re finally ready to take the plunge and become a home owner. Before you start picking wall colors and flooring, you need to prepare for the mortgage process. Check out some of steps you should take as you prepare to apply for a mortgage.


You need to make sure there aren’t any collection notices or delinquencies that could hinder your application process. This is also your chance to dispute any incorrect information that you find, such as a credit inquiry that you didn’t authorize.


Most traditional loans call for a 20% down payment; however, there are some options, such as a FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loan which only requires 3.5% down. The more you have saved up for a down payment, the more likely you are to get a lower interest rate on the loan. It could also help you stand out amongst the competition if a bidding war takes place down the line.


A mortgage payment is going to take up a chunk of your income. Take a look at some of the other debt you are currently carrying and come up with a plan to start paying it off.


Every time you apply for new credit, something called a ‘hard inquiry’ takes place on your credit. These inquiries can knock your credit score down a few points. Applying for several lines of credit at one time isn’t a good idea when you’re getting ready to apply for a mortgage. This may signify to lenders that you rely too much on credit, making it difficult to receive a loan.


Once you get everything in order and are ready to start house hunting, it’s time to get pre-approved. This is not the same as being pre-qualified. With pre-qualification, a quick look will be taken at your finances to see what you could possibly afford. With pre-approval, you will fill out a loan application and receive a conditional agreement on the amount of the loan.

If you need a little guidance on your journey to home ownership, our home loan advisors can help.Schedule a free consultation where one of our advisors will sit down with you, find the mortgage product that works best for you, and will be there to answer any questions along the way. You can either do this on our website or by calling (801)260-7600 ext. 5340.

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Author: Avery Mills