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By Garrett Lloyd | Aug 5, 2021 8:01:00 AM

The back-to-school season can be an added stress for many parents. They may worry about spending too much or too little when preparing their kids for another school year. Here are 3 factors to consider for when it comes to school spending.

Consider Past Spending

If you’re able to look at your back-to-school expenses from the previous years, that may give you an idea of how much you should plan on spending this year. But remember to be flexible. Your kids’ needs change from year to year. They may require more electronics as they climb up the school grades. Middle school and high school students might also be interested in participating in school activities such as sports or clubs. These can have large expenses of their own.


Include Your Children


Consider making your child a part of the planning process. Sit with them and discuss what they will need for the school year and what it will cost. This can be a valuable teaching moment for your kids. Talk about budgeting, needs vs. wants, and what materials, clothes, or activities are or are not affordable at the present moment.


Look for Deals


When back-to-school season rolls around, keep an eye out for deals. With the popularity and ease of online shopping, you may even be able to find some online retailers that offer free shipping. Keep in mind that free shipping may only be offered if you spend above a certain dollar amount. If you have friends who also have children starting out the school year, collaborate with each other and consider buying online in bulk to get the best deals.

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Author: Garrett Lloyd