What Not to Keep In Your Wallet

By Avery Mills | Jun 22, 2021 8:01:00 AM

WalletWhile there are a few things you may carry around in your wallet at all times, such as an ID or credit cards, in order to protect your confidential information, there are a few items that shouldn’t be stored in a wallet. Here is a list of items that should not be kept in your wallet.


Your social security number isn’t offered the same protections as a credit card. If lost or stolen, a fraudster could use this to open accounts in your name and even file taxes and claim your refund and you may not know for months after. If you do need your social security number, such as for opening an account, return it to a safe place as soon as you’re done with it.


Only keep gift cards in your wallet that you are planning on using as soon as possible. The more you store in your wallet, the more you will lose if your wallet is lost or stolen. If possible, see if there is an option to digitally upload your cards so you can carry them in a more secure way.


While this may be a convenient way to ensure you can find these keys easily, if they are lost along with your wallet, this may cause an additional level of risk because it may make your personal property, such as your home, a target.


You may have many different options when it comes to your credit cards, but that doesn’t mean you need to carry them all with you all of the time. For example, if there is a card you have that you only keep open because it affects your length of credit and you don’t use, it may be best to leave this card at home.

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Author: Avery Mills