Unexpected Costs of Working from Home

By Avery Mills | Apr 11, 2019 8:03:00 AM

Unexpected Costs of Working from HomeWith more workplaces becoming less traditional, there has been an increase in employees working remotely from home. While there are many positives associated with this trend, there are also some concerns to keep in mind. Here are some unexpected costs of working from home.


While your company may be willing to foot some of the cost that comes along with working from home, there’s a chance you may find yourself responsible for a portion. This could include items such as computer hardware, high-speed internet, office furniture, office supplies, and more.


If you work with clients, meeting them in your home office may not be a viable option. Working from home, you’ll either be driving out to meet people or have to rent a space to use for meetings.


While working from home provides you with more flexibility, it may have the potential of more distractions during work hours. Additionally, f your home office is only a few steps away, you may find yourself spending more time working on a project then you would in a traditional office setting, also affecting this balance.


You may see one of the pros of working from home is the fact that you’re going to save so much money by not having to go out to lunch every day. While this may true, it will still affect the way that you grocery shop and/or meal plan. If there’s nothing in your fridge, you may still find yourself eating out multiple times during the week. To help combat this, sit down each week and meal plan. Make sure anything you choose to make is quick & easy and that you have some healthy snacks that are easy to grab throughout the day.

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Author: Avery Mills