Retirement Withdrawal Mistakes

With all the planning you’ve put into saving for retirement, the last thing you want is a simple mistake to cost you. Here are some of the most common mistakes that

401(k) vs. IRA

When it comes to saving for retirement, you have several options. Two of the most common methods of saving are with a 401(k) or an IRA. Here is a quick rundown about

Financial Tips for Empty Nesters

As liberating as that feeling may be when the last child leaves the nest and becomes financially independent, it can also be daunting. For so long, your children have

Rent or Buy: The Retirement Years

In a previous post, we compared the pros and cons of renting vs. buying. Today, we’re going to tackle the same subject but during your retirement years. If you want to

How Long Will Your Retirement Savings Last?

One important consideration to take into account when planning your retirement is how long you will need to the money to last. Obviously, none of us have a crystal ball

Withdrawing from 401(k) Early

For many people, a 401(k) or retirement savings can be difficult. It's often seen as money that's just sitting there and you can't use it for another couple of decades.

Changing Jobs and Your 401(k)

So, you’ve gotten a new job. While the transition period can be an exciting one, there are several loose ends you’ll need to tie up before you leave. One question you

Plan Retirement - Financial Fitness Plan

This month's Financial Fitness Plan is all about planning for retirement. We're going to break down some of the important aspects of creating a retirement plan

Healthy Living & Finances

When planning out your financial future, your health and overall wellbeing has to play a major role. Healthy living can help prevent more serious issues down the line,