Is it Time to Change Jobs?

By Avery Mills | Jul 24, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Is it Time to Change Jobs?Change can be difficult, especially when it comes to your job. We may get comfortable or don't want to put in the time it takes to find a new job. However, being consistently unhappy and stressed may lead to more problems down the line. Here are some of the signs and red flags that you should look out for as an indicator that it may be time to change jobs.


If it’s been awhile since the last time you can remember enjoying or being happy at your job, it may be time to start a new search. While you’re bound to have some hard or stressful days (and sometimes even weeks) if every day and everything is overwhelming all the time, that’s usually a red flag that it’s time to leave. Try and find at least one thing about your job that makes you happy every day for a week. If you can't do it, it's time to start that job search.


Is your workplace full of people who will do anything to get ahead? Does your boss abuse their power and disrespect you and your co-workers? Do you share ideas that don’t feel heard or appreciated? Does it seem like there is always a constant stream of employees quitting? These are all signs that you may be working in a toxic work environment. Not only does this have a negative effect on your overall mental health, the stress can actually lower your immune system making you susceptible to illnesses.


You’ve worked at your current company for a while and are a valued part of the team. However, despite asking for raises multiple times or trying to climb the corporate ladder, you’ve been told no. While raises and promotions need to be earned, if your workload and responsibilities have increased and you’re performing well, there’s a chance you may never receive those opportunities within your current company. When turned down for these opportunities, make sure you ask why so you have a better knowledge of what is expected of you. If your boss basically says there is nothing you can do, it's probably time to leave.  


If you feel in your gut that you need to leave your job, you should probably listen. While you don’t want to make a snap decision based on a feeling, you can use it as motivation to start creating a plan. What would your ideal position be? What would the workplace look like? Do you enjoy what you’re currently doing but just want out of your current workplace or do you want to try something new? Trust yourself and follow your instincts.

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Author: Avery Mills