How Fitness Can Keep Your Wallet Healthy

By Cyprus Credit Union | Jan 25, 2022 7:58:00 AM

Many people have made getting in shape and living a healthier life a focus during the pandemic. While the health benefits are obvious, there are also some benefits for your wallet. Here are some ways that living healthier can also benefit your finances.

Less Sick Days

The more balanced your diet is with essential nutrients and vitamins, the healthier you are likely to be. This means missing less days from work due to illness and fewer trips to the doctor. This can help you save time and money. Plus, you can keep saving your PTO hours for a time when you need to relax or get away from work.

Increased Productivity

When living a healthier lifestyle (including diet and exercise), you are more likely to be productive during the day. So, while that donut or coffee may give you a burst of energy in the moment, chances are you’ll become sluggish and tired as the effects start to wear off. The more productive you are at work, the higher performer you’ll be. This can put you in a good position for promotions and raises down the line.

Lower Premiums

Taking better care of yourself means you are a lower-risk candidate from an insurance perspective. This means some insurance plans may lower your premium when you start living a healthier lifestyle.

Better Diet

Meal-planning and bringing lunch to work is not only a great way to be healthier, but also to save money. When you plan meals ahead of time, you know exactly what you are putting into your body each day and can resist the temptation to stop at the drive-thru on the way home.

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