Credit Union Youth Month: Ages 2 - 4

By Avery Mills | Apr 5, 2021 10:48:52 AM

kids month blog images-01Even at this young age, you can start implementing important financial lessons in your child’s everyday life. Here some ways that you can teach your 2 to 4-year old children about money.


Playing make believe games that involve exchanging cash for goods & services, such as a grocery store, is a great way to teach toddler aged children about the role money plays around them. This idea will be reinforced when they see you mimicking this behavior in the ‘real world’ every time you take them out shopping.


When your child does save up to buy something, have them pay in cash, if possible, so they are able to watch the transaction first hand. By actually handing the money to the cashier and receiving their new item, they can see that the money they worked hard to earn is gone. A physical representation of spending is better than your child giving you the money and then you using a credit or debit card to make the purchase.



Younger kids respond to visuals rather than abstract ideas. By using clear jars to save their money during this age, they can actually see their money grow. You can also use this concept to create early budgeting methods by using different jars for different things. For example, one for savings and one spending.


There are many online resources available that have videos that teach about different facets of money for your kids. You can search for content that is applicable to your child's age and current grasp of financial topics. YouTube is a great place to start and many of these content creators may have additional resources that you can use.


During the month of April, if you open a Dollar Dog Account, CD under a Dollar Dog, or a Teen Checking account, your child will receive $5 to open their account. Plus, they’ll be entered to win a special prize pack where they can pick from: a Family Pass to Hogle Zoo, Family Pass to Loveland Aquarium, Family Pass to Thanksgiving Point, or a National Parks Pass. Click here to schedule an appointment at your nearest branch or contact us at 801-260-7600 to open an account for your child today.

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Author: Avery Mills