Business and the Community

By Avery Mills | Aug 22, 2019 9:44:45 AM

Business and the CommunityBeing an active member in your community is a great way to thank those who have supported your business in the past as well as introduce yourself to potential future customers. Here are some ideas for your business to give back to your community.


Hunger is still a huge problem in this country affecting over 40 million people. This is especially true during the summer when millions of children don’t have access to school lunch, which is sometimes their only meal. Hosting a food drive at your company is a great way to get your employees & customers involved and also create a positive change in your community.


There are so many opportunities to sponsor groups in your local community. You could sponsor a sports team, a local school, a fun event, and more. Often times, people will reach out to smaller, local businesses on their own to find sponsors. Take advantage of these occasions and build those connections in your area.


Something as simple as a coloring contest for kids is a great way to make that connection out in the community. Additionally, this is a great way to get your brand out there, especially if people share it on their social media. 


Encourage your employees to get active in the community by volunteering. As a business owner, you can provide incentives to your employees for when they donate their time to charitable causes.


Make sure you’re involved all year long and not just during the holiday season. If you aren’t sure of causes to get involved with, reach out to employees. There may be something that’s important to them that you haven’t thought of. This is also a great opportunity to empower your employees and help them feel like an important part of the organization.

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Author: Avery Mills