Starting a Business

By Avery Mills | Aug 16, 2017 8:42:34 AM

Starting a BusinessStarting a business and becoming your own boss can be exciting, scary, and pretty overwhelming. If you're not quite sure where to start, check out some of our tips below.


While every business needs to start with an idea, it takes plan to make it a reality. Your plan should include:

A brief company description
A market analysis
Key personnel
More in-depth product or service description
Financial projections


Every state has a tax code that you will need to follow. This includes registering in your state so you can obtain things like a tax identification number, worker’s compensation, and unemployment & disability insurance.


Do your research and find out exactly how much this business of yours is going to cost. This is an important step to take, especially if you are looking for investors down the line. These costs will also be the foundation of any budget that you create. For more tips on creating a budget, click HERE.


Are you going to have enough money to rent out an office or work space or will you need to start out working at home? If you'll be in an office, find places that will fit both your budget and your needs as a business. If you'll be at home, create a space that feels professional. Even though your commute is now just walking down the hall, it's still a place of work and needs to be treated as such.


In the early days, you'll probably be a lot busier than you are used to. It's important to make sure those who are most important in your life are fully onboard and prepared for any sacrifices that may have to happen. Anyone who may be affected by the choices you make should be included in the decision making process to a certain extent.

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Author: Avery Mills