How To: Refinance Your Car Loan

By Avery Mills | Oct 24, 2017 8:34:50 AM

How To: Refinance Your Car LoanYou've decided you'd like to learn more about how to refinance your car loan. While there may be several pros involved with refinancing, there are some things you'll need to consider to make sure it's most beneficial for you.


When refinancing, you will first need to complete some research and select a lender. Then, you will sit down with your selected lender and come up with a refinancing plan. Once the terms are agreed to, this information will be sent to your old lender as well as any other parties that are involved. Your existing loan is then paid off using a check from your new lender. Your new loan may feature a lower interest rate or a lower monthly payment because the term has been changed.  Be aware that there may be some transaction fees associated with this process for which you are responsible.



Why Should you Refinance?

> Lower your monthly payment.
> Reduce interest rate.
> Change the term of your loan.

When Should you Refinance?

> Higher credit score.
> Interest rates are lower.
> Want to buy your lease.

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Author: Avery Mills