Finances on your Smartphone

By Avery Mills | Feb 17, 2017 11:17:45 AM

Finances on your SmartphoneManaging your finances can be a complicated situation. There are so many accounts and bills, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. However, the answer to your problem may be in the palm of your hand. Your smartphone can be one of the most valuable financial resources you have. Check out some of the apps that you can download to help keep track of your finances.


There are apps that are designed specifically for your budgeting needs.

Mint & Wally are two popular options that are available for both Apple and Android.

Mint brings together all of your finances from savings & checking to credit balances to bills so you can access everything in one spot. You can use Mint to track your spending and make sure you’re staying on target.

Wally makes managing your money easy. You can even set goals and track your progress. The information stored within the app can then be converted and turned into an excel sheet for your personal records.


Apps like Personal Capital analyze your net worth, retirement planning, investments, and more all from the convenience of your smartphone, smart watch, or tablet. You’ll always be in the know about what is happening with your money.


We are constantly upgrading our mobile banking to better serve our members. Now, it’s more customizable than ever before. You can reorder your accounts and create groups to put those accounts into, keeping your information even more organized.

With our mobile banking app, you can now login using your Touch ID/Fingerprint. Select Touch ID/Fingerprint at the bottom of the screen and follow the prompts to enroll.

If you aren’t enrolled in home or mobile banking, you can do so directly in the app. All you need is a valid address and email associated with your account.

To download the app, visit either the Apple App Store or Google Play on your smartphone and search "Cyprus Credit Union."

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Author: Avery Mills