Attracting Investors to Your Business

By Avery Mills | May 28, 2019 8:07:00 AM

Attracting Investors to your BusinessOnce you’ve completed your business plan and know how much money you’re going to need, you may need to seek out possible investors. The more prepared you are for this step, the less intimidating it can be. Here are some tips for attracting investors to your business.


When the opportunity to attend networking events arises, do it. This is one of the best chances you’ll have to meet people who would be interested in investing or may be able to connect you with people who are.


When it comes to your business, you need to be the ultimate expert. Find a list of common questions asked by investors and have prepared answers and/or important points. The more you know about your business and the better prepared you are, the more willing an investor will be to take a chance on you.


Inflating your company’s worth or over promising numbers isn’t going to win you any fans, let alone investors. When creating projections to present, they should be as realistic as possible. 


Not every willing investor is the right fit for your company. While you may find it tempting to take money from anyone who offers, it’s important to find someone who will buy into your vision while still letting you have control.

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Author: Avery Mills