How Your Yard Can Save You Money

By Garrett Lloyd | Jul 19, 2021 8:01:00 AM

Who wouldn’t want to save themselves some extra work and money when it comes to yard maintenance? You can do just that through your landscaping choices. Growing plants native to your geographical area can save you cash while making your garden easier to manage.

Less Water

Choosing to plant native vegetation in your yard is a smart choice for a few reasons. First, native plants are already adapted to your local climate and ecosystem. This means it is easier for them to stay hydrated and healthy. In other words, you do not have to use as much water to keep them alive.

Less Chemicals

Plants that are indigenous to your area don’t usually need to be fertilized. They also require less treatment by pesticides. This is because native plants have evolved alongside local insects and have developed natural defenses against them. By reducing your use of fertilizers and pesticides, you can protect both the environment and your wallet.

Less Energy

If you decide to go all out and replace your lawn with native vegetation, you can reduce the energy you spend maintaining your yard. Local plants require little to no mowing. Giving your lawnmower a break will reduce both your energy consumption and pollution. Plus, you can save on gasoline or electricity depending on if you use gas or electric-powered yard tools.

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Author: Garrett Lloyd