Taking Time Off

By Avery Mills | Aug 14, 2017 10:40:59 AM

Taking Time OffYou’ve been accumulating those vacation hours for a while but haven’t actually taken any time off. Did you know that taking time off can actually make you a better employee and improve your overall wellbeing? Here are three reasons why taking that long needed vacation may be a good idea.


Feel Refreshed

One thing that has been shown to increase productivity among employees is being able to take breaks throughout the day. Even fifteen minutes gives you the chance to take a step back from your work and reset your brain. Just imagine what taking a few days away could do.

Find a Balance

It’s sometimes hard to balance your home and work life. People often find themselves ‘bringing the office’ home with them. Take some time off and let everyone in your office know that unless it’s an extreme emergency, you will not be answering emails or taking calls. Remember to set up that out of office email and leave a point of contact to handle the day to day while you’re gone.

De-Stress & Relax

Work can be stressful, even if you love your job. Sometimes, the most simple and mundane of tasks can feel difficult when you’re already on the edge. Pushing yourself to work without the occasional break is just asking for trouble down the line.

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Author: Avery Mills